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What I Wrote in 2020

Illustration of a plate of honey walnut shrimp, with a few hands on a blue table, one holding a cup of tea. There are yellow chopsticks and a logo that says, "Chinatown USA"

2020 was not an easy year, so each one of these pieces of writing is a little victory. I started the year off thinking I had cleverly tricked myself into writing on a regular schedule because I convinced Catapult to give me a column. It’s called Pain in the Brain and it’s about my chronic headache. For the first column installment, I wrote about the meaning of keeping a headache diary. In the second, I […]

What I Wrote in 2019

Illustration of a woman with long dark hair resting her chin in a hand. Behind here are lanterns and clothes hanging on clotheslines.

It has been a goal of mine to be published in Longreads, and it happened this year! I wrote a personal essay about my relationship to Cantonese, my mother, and Chinatown. For the San Francisco Chronicle, I wrote about the myth of authentic cuisines and how Tex-Mex is my comfort food. For Pacific Standard (RIP), I wrote about how the People’s Kitchen Collective preserves cultural memory and carries on the legacy of the Black Panthers’ […]

What I Wrote in 2018

Journalism / News
A cooked fish on a platter with cucumber slices artfully arranged around it. A hand holds a jar of seasoning over the platter. Photo by Michelle Min.

A look back on some of the things I wrote this year: I wrote about my grandparents’ immigration story (and their grocery store that sustained our family) for Southwest the Magazine. Shondaland let me write about various obsessions, such as why I have a soft spot for the Filet-O-Fish, the only fast food my immigrant family would eat. I also wrote about the calming experience that is shopping at Muji and how pajamas help me feel like […]