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The Last Revolutionary | Yuri Kochiyama possesses one of the boldest voices raised against the war on terrorism. As a former internment-camp prisoner and peer of Malcolm X, she brings history and vitality to what little remains of “The Movement.” | East Bay Express

Geek Chic | Comic artist Adrian Tomine made himself a winner by appealing to the loser in all of us. | East Bay Express

Cambodian Queen | Yani Rose Keo barely escaped the Khmer Rouge. Now this refugee helps thousands of other refugees become Americans. | Houston Press


A Chinatown tradition, San Francisco’s Chinese New Year Parade is ‘American like chop suey’ | For a community that has long faced discrimination, the history of the parade is a story of immigrant survival. | NBC

Chinatowns Across the Country Face Off With Gentrification | Is it too late for America’s Chinatowns? | NPR

‘They Don’t Know Us’ | At Sama Uyghur Cuisine, three immigrants recreate their native foods | San Francisco Chronicle

Teachers, Parents Struggle To Comfort Children Of Color Fearful Of Targeted Raids | In the wake of the presidential election, parents, guardians, and educators are grappling with how the political climate affects children and youth. | NPR

Why Colleges Already Face Race-Related Challenges In Serving Future Students | Today more Americans go on to college than ever before. But as the country becomes more diverse, are colleges and universities ready to serve them? | NPR


‘Our Bodies Can’t Take That Kind Of Damage’: The California Community Battling A Cement Factory | If it goes ahead, the facility will operate around the clock, with 189 trucks making trips. | HuffPost

Why This California City Is Taking On Chevron, Exxon And Shell Over Climate Change | Richmond became the ninth U.S. community in the last year to sue fossil fuel giants over climate change. | HuffPost

Waiting to Inhale | It’s a killer we seldom hear about, discriminating by race and locale and afflicting more people every year. So why don’t we even know what causes asthma? | East Bay Express


Lost Generation | The stereotype of Asian kids in America is that of do-gooders and academic overachievers. But break the crime stats into ethnic subgroups and you’ll start running into more and more kids like Lil’ Cloudy — gangsta. | East Bay Express

Drug Resistant | Harris County jailers are in no hurry to hand out meds to inmates with AIDS. Inmates claim this — and other lockup practicers — endanger their lives. | Houston Press


Requiem for a Dream Wall | At Oakland’s world-famous 23rd Avenue tracks, it’s the bittersweet finale to a graffiti era. | East Bay Express

Who Was That Masked Muralist? | Justin Artifice is on a stealthy mission to beautify Oakland’s urban landscape. | East Bay Express


Fresh Off the Boat: An Asian Mom’s POV | A Hyphen editor’s immigrant mom reviews “Fresh Off the Boat.” | Hyphen

‘The Leavers’ Novelist Lisa Ko Found Success Through Massive Failure | NBC

This is the Time | Director Jon M. Chu on the Making of “Crazy Rich Asians.” | Center for Asian American Media

“The Tiger Hunter” Star Danny Pudi on His Childhood and First Romantic Lead Role | Center for Asian American Media


Fires Burned the Legacy of California’s Historic ‘Wine King’ | Smuggled out of Japan during a time when leaving the country was forbidden, Kanaye Nagasawa became one of the first Japanese to immigrate to the U.S. | NBC

Meet the 70-Year-Old Runner Who Ran 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days | And she ran them all while wearing a pink pussyhat. | NBC


I’m a contributor to APEX Express, which airs on KPFA-FM 94.1 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eat Chinatown | An art exhibit in San Francisco Chinatown explores the history of the neighborhood through food. My segment starts at 39:00

From Inmates to Activists | I talk to the Asian Law Caucus about its new fellowship for formerly incarcerated Asian Americans and a California ballot measure that would strip prosecutors of the power to charge youth as adults. My segment is at the beginning of the show.