The Last Revolutionary

Yuri Kochiyama possesses one of the boldest voices raised against the war on terrorism. As a former internment-camp prisoner and peer of Malcolm X, she brings history and vitality to what little remains of “The Movement.” EAST BAY EXPRESS

Geek Chic

Comic artist Adrian Tomine made himself a winner by appealing to the loser in all of us. EAST BAY EXPRESS

Waiting to Inhale

It’s a killer we seldom hear about, discriminating by race and locale and afflicting more people every year. So why don’t we even know what causes asthma? EAST BAY EXPRESS

Lost Generation

The stereotype of Asian kids in America is that of do-gooders and academic overachievers. But break the crime stats into ethnic subgroups and you’ll start running into more and more kids like Lil’ Cloudy — gangsta. EAST BAY EXPRESS

Drug Resistant

Harris County jailers are in no hurry to hand out meds to inmates with AIDS. Inmates claim this — and other lockup practices — endanger their lives. HOUSTON PRESS

Cambodian Queen

Yani Rose Keo barely escaped the Khmer Rouge. Now this refugee helps thousands of other refugees become Americans. HOUSTON PRESS

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