I co-founded Hyphen in 2002 and served as editor in chief for its first five years. I then transitioned to other leadership roles to build the magazine’s digital content and social media. As Hyphen’s founding editor, I advise the staff on occasion. (Yes, that’s Ali Wong posing on our cover as a faux import car model before she was famous.)

Girl Interrupted | by Kai Ma
In Koreatown, the newest matchmakers are pretty-boys with headsets and a firm grip.

The Wisdom of the Fool | by Todd Inoue
Like the rice pot and black hair, “Bizarre Love Triangle” is one of Asian America’s unifying threads.

Trapped in Chinatown | by Lisa Wong Macabasco
Some undocumented immigrants keep another secret — HIV.


At WritersCorps, I helped develop and line edit many books. Here are just a couple titles.

Street Heart: Love Poems to the Mission Murals
Written by students at Sanchez Elementary
Edited by Annie Rovzar
WritersCorps Books | 2016
In a city and neighborhood increasingly threatened by the cultural erasure that is gentrification, these poems — in conversation with the artworks that inspired them — bear witness to the historical and cultural roots of the Mission. A map of mural locations is included.

Tell the World
Harper Collins | 2010
Through poetry we tell the world who we are, where we’re from, what we love, what we think, how we feel, and why we hope. Tell the World is a stunning collection of poems by teens who have taken part in workshops run by WritersCorps, a national alliance of literary arts programs for youth. Their words represent the thoughts, hopes, and dreams of teens everywhere, offering both insight and empathy.