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Melissa Hung is a writer and independent journalist. A former newspaper reporter, she co-founded Hyphen, an award-winning magazine about Asian American culture, and led the publication for more than five years as its editor in chief. Melissa also directed WritersCorps, a nationally-recognized arts education program, and founded Slant: Bold Asian American Images, an annual film festival. On occasion, she makes short films herself. She is a VONA/Voices alum. Her writing has appeared in NPR, Vogue, Catapult, Shondaland, and Village Voice Media papers. A native of Houston, she lives in San Francisco where she enjoys recycling and composting, but misses Tex-Mex and cafeterias.

tacos, cheese, chilaquiles, bargains, faux fur

Dislikes: water getting stuck in your ear after swimming


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Instagram: @melissahungtx