New Music Video: ‘Freeze Ray Knees’

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Earlier this year, I directed a music video for The Invisible Cities. They have been working on a collection of what they call quick and trashy songs, and they wanted a quick and trashy video. We shot this in one weekend in San Francisco on a point and shoot, a Canon Powershot S95. It was a lot of fun. And yes, I happened to own that helmet before we came up with the music video. You never know when a plush space helmet might come in handy.

The Invisible Cities have released the video to kick off 10 weeks of new songs. Each week they are releasing a new song from their collection of quick-and-trashiness, called “Meet the Lampreys.” (I am a little late in posting this; they are already on week 3.) Learn about the songs here on their site, and be their friends on Facebook to get notified when a new song is released into the wild.

Thanks to Angry Asian Man and The Bay Bridged for writing about the video and sharing my love of space helmets.

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