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Two Asian American women sit next to each other at a public park.

Photo by Kaiser Hwang

Last Thursday I was at work, not-so-glamourously eating lunch at my desk, when I got an email from a friend telling me that I had been nominated for 7×7 Magazine’s Hot 20 Under 40 Readers’ Choice contest. Whoo hooo! That made eating at my desk seem not so bad there for a minute. I was nominated for the volunteer work I do at Hyphen along with fellow Hyphen collaborator Lisa Lee. She is the publisher, I the founding editor. (If you don’t know what we’re doing exactly at Hyphen, then read this nice (though admittedly biased) explanation written by erin, the co-editor of the Hyphen blog.)

Scrolling through the list, I’m glad to see the nominees are a bit more diverse than the crop that made it into last year’s list.

There are many rounds of online voting to determine who gets into 7×7’s final list in their October print edition. So far, we’ve made the first cut. Whew! Now we’re in the top 20, vying for a spot in the top 10.

To vote, go here, scroll all the way down, click the radio dial next to me and Lisa’s names (should you be so kind as to vote for us), then hit the submit button at the very bottom of the page. (No need to add a comment. Unless you really want to.) Thanks!

UPDATE 8.10.10 – Lisa and I have made it through several rounds of eliminations into the final 5. The winner will be announced Wednesday,  August 11.

UPDATE 8.11.10 – Well, it was a good run. Congrats to the folks at the Mabuhay Health Center, who won the top spot.

UPDATE 10.9.10 – Lisa and I are in the October issue. Thanks for voting for us! See who’s on the final list here.

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