I directed this music video for San Francisco/NewYork-based indie rock band The Invisible Cities.


A toy bulldozer with an affinity for whiskey and records heads out for a day at the beach with friends only to find it closed. Oh no! What to do?!


Director: Melissa Hung
Director of Photography: Seng Chen
Properties & Locations: Sadie Contini, Han Wang, Adrienne Eliza Aquino, Kevin Twidle


February 11, 2010 | San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival | San Francisco | Jury Prize for the Toyota DIY Music Video Contest
April 7, 2010 | Asian American Showcase | Chicago
May 4, 2010 | Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival | Los Angeles
June 25 & 26, 2010 | Extremely Shorts Film Festival | Houston | Audience Choice Award, 3rd Place
July 16 2010 | Asian American International Film Festival | New York City
October 2, 2010 | ARTernative Festival | Sugar Land, TX
April 8, 2011 | San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival | San Francisco

Photo Stills
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bulldozer-apartment bulldozer-band bulldozer-breakdance bulldozer-end

Behind the Scene Photos

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bulldozer-production bulldozer-production bulldozer-production bulldozer-production