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Southern Fried Asian

I’m the guest this week on Southern Fried Asian, a podcast about Asian Americans from the South. I talk to host Keith Chow about Houston, hurricanes, and how to get your queso through TSA security. He’s also the founder of pop culture website The Nerds… Read More

Yep, I’m Angry

Hey Ma, look! I’m the Angry Reader of the Week! Many thanks to Phil Yu, a k a blogger Angry Asian Man, who featured me today as his Angry Reader of the Week.

More White House Visits!

I thought that my visit to the White House in the fall was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But lucky me, I was invited back! In May, I once again represented San Francisco WritersCorps at the White House, this time with four students in tow.

My Morning at the White House with Michelle Obama

Last week, I had the honor of going to the White House to pick up an award from Michelle Obama. No, it wasn’t for Hyphen. (Though I’d love to be invited back for Hyphen — hint, hint to any White House staffers reading this.) I was representing San Francisco WritersCorps, a program that places published writers in San Francisco communities to teach creative writing to youth.

I Met Michelle Obama!

This past Wednesday I went to the White House to accept an award on behalf of San Francisco WritersCorps, a creative writing program for youth. With me was a WritersCorps student, Nicole. Michelle Obama was warm and lovely (and tall!) as she presented us with the 2010 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award.