The lobby of the Hotel Alexandra, which features mid-century modern furniture. Sofas and arm chairs surround a round wood coffee table with a potted snake plant.

August 2017 in Photos




August photos are from a visit to Copenhagen, my first time there. I hope to return.  1) The lobby of the Hotel Alexandra, where I stayed. This hotel collects mid-century modern furniture by Danish designers and it was relaxing to come back every day to a space that was thoughtfully decorated and furnished with such beautiful pieces.  2) The chair exhibit at Designmuseum Danmark. Each chair sits in a cube in the wall, where it’s presented as if framed for viewing.   3) Walking up the spiral of the Rundetaarn, built as an astronomical observatory in the 17th century.  4) Sensory overload at the Rosenborg Castle, built in 1606. I don’t think I could ever live in a space with so much going on.