November 2016 in Photos


1) Afternoon chat. Chinatown, San Francisco. 2) I’ve been taking some photos I like to call Commerce Still Life and the next three photos are from that series. The first one was taken at Players Guitar in San Rafael. I was walking in when the window display drew me in. Inside, I found all sorts of interesting guitars, not the typical stuff. There were many vintage guitars he had done some work on and some Japanese guitars. He only carried a few new guitars. 3) Succulence, Bernal Heights, San Francisco. This charming shop has gifts in the front and a greenhouse in the back. My terrarium has been looking shabby lately; many of its original occupants had perished, so I repopulated with a few new plants.  4) The Wok Shop, Chinatown, San Francisco. The gentleman who works here, Randy, is very chatty and full of tips. He can talk to you forever about why iron woks are the way to go and how to season them. I love how crowded everything is this little shop.