June 2015 in Photos


1) I was in Vancouver at the beginning of June, a city with wonderful food. Here is the deluxe bento from Kingyo Izakaya. All this for C$16! I love the description on the menu: “This extremely sophisticated & well designed bento here to satisfy every single* customer who comes to kingyo. This is the king of lunch!!!” *Not true as they only make 10 a day. 2) This is a cautionary tale about sugar. Don’t give it to the temptation of the salted caramel donut. I only had 3 bites and felt ill for hours afterwards. Parallel Coffee in Vancouver is a dangerous, dangerous place for having a donut case inside their coffee shop. 3) It’s Monday, worker bees! (Taken in downtown San Francisco.)  4) Favorite outfit details lately. Can’t go wrong with stacking rings and leopard print.