My Asian Immigrant Mom Reviews ‘Fresh Off the Boat’

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Constance Wu and Hudson Yang as Jessica and Eddie in a scene from "Fresh Off the Boat." They are in a parking lot in the evening about to walk into a grocery store.

I have a fun interview over at Hyphen with my mom about the new TV show “Fresh Off the Boat,” the first American sitcom since the ’90s to feature an Asian American family.

Watching the premiere of “Fresh Off the Boat,” many scenes resonated with my own experience of growing up in Texas. Being made fun of for your homemade lunch? Check. People complimenting me on my English even though I’m American born? Check. Parents not understanding the music I identified with? Check.

But what really carried the show for me was Constance Wu’s portrayal of the mother, Jessica Huang. Walking the world with confidence, skepticism, and a sharp tongue, she is tough on her kids, and her husband too. She reminds me of my own mom, Pearl.

So I asked Pearl about her thoughts on the show. Read the interview at Hyphen.

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